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My Mother Recaps Weeks 11 & 12

Bears Lose to the Broncos 17-15 & Bears Beat the Packers 17-13.

Week 11, Bears v. Broncos, Bears lose 17-15.
[Recorded November 26th, in the A.M.] 

Interviewer: Who'd they play again? The Broncos. 
Mom: Yeah. So [Cutler] looked good, although they did lose the game. 
Interviewer: Can you speak up? 
Mom: I really can't, because [my grandson] is sleeping. They looked good, not afraid to throw the ball. If there was no one to pass to he even threw the ball away. Um. What else? Oh, their quarterback is six-foot-eight. He's one of the tallest quarterbacks. What's his name? 
Interviewer: Brock something? 
Mom: Yeah. Brock Osweiler or something like that. He's six-foot-eight, and he actually tripped his own guy after he passed to him, and he tripped him because his legs are so long! The runners and stuff have to look out for him. Cutler looked good under pressure. Sliding in the pocket and all that. 
Interviewer: Sliding in the pocket? 
Mom: Yeah. He was able to slide like right in there? 
Interviewer: What? 
Mom: Nevermind. He looked the best I ever saw him. And they still lost. What else? The receivers were not as good as I thought they were. Okay, what else. Denver has had 21 personal fouls, and have been fined over $400,000. 
Interviewer: Wow. Bunch of jerks. 
Mom: Yeah. I loved the commercials on TV during football games. I think they have the best commercials. 
Interviewer: What were your favorites? 
Mom: I forget the fish story one. Rick, what was the one about the fish story one? 
Dad: [Mumbled off in the distance.]
Mom: Oh yeah, this guy's telling this story how he... I forget what the commercial was for, but he said he had this giant fish and everything, telling the whole story, and he comes out with this tiny little fish. It's the only time I watch commercials. And the other one is where the lady gets mad at her husband, and she's like "not again," and he has part of her fence out. He cut off part of the fence to take to the game for D-Fence. That was funny. 
Interviewer: You like that one. 
Mom: I thought it was interesting, you know, I really feel that football players make too much money. But I thought it was funny that Cutler who makes $15 million a year, and like $1 million bonus, lost to Osweiler, who makes $660,000, and a $209,000 bonus. Which is still a ton of money. 
Interviewer: But not Cutler money. 
Mom: Yep. 
Interviewer: But Cutler had no receivers in this last game. Everyone was hurt.
Mom: I know. And everybody blames the quarterback, but the quarterback is the one who makes all the money, so maybe they should take the blame. 
Interviewer: It's probably the most position in sports. 
Mom: You're probably right. And I think he has good coaches this year, too, so. So, I think tonight is going to be a good game at Lambeau Field. 
Interviewer: Are you excited? 
Mom: I am excited. They might even have a chance because Green Bay hasn't been playing that well either. So, that's all I have to say.
Interviewer: You have nothing else to say? It's a battle of your hometown team and your boyfriend's team?
Mom: Yep.
Interviewer: Who are you going to root for?
Mom: I'm gonna root for the Bears. So, that's good, huh?  
* * *
Week 12, Bears v. Packers, Bears win 17-13.
During the game, the interviewer received the following texts: 
I'm glad to see HorseFace back. I haven't seen him in awhile. 
HorseFace was talking about the Bears and his commentary was, "they just don't have the horses up front." Lol.
Now the guy with HorseFace told him to "hold his horses." Mean but funny. 
And then this one, which is troubling for easily understandable reasons:
Brett Favre is Dad's fave. Ha. 
After the game, the following day, this was the recap I was given: 
Mom: "I can't recap, because I couldn't watch the whole game, because of the Turkey Sleep Disease. It was sleep, watch, sleep, and they won, and that's all I know!" 
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